#2 The Stirring

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The Ancient Roman god Janus looked simultaneously ahead and behind, and since this epic journey we are making is within ourselves, we must look, at once, outwardly as far as the stars, and inwardly, down to the utter simplicity of our being.

In this contemplation there will come a moment such as you may experience in waking from sleep.

It's that transitional state in which you are not sure whether you are awake or asleep: a time when your consciousness has a vast but formless dimension, receptive and sensitive to anything that might happen.

You will experience this when the Stirring comes within yourself.

And though it does not mean you are fully awake with Inner Awareness, it does bring you to the edge of experiencing another of the Mysteries -- that of Motion.

As we move towards the new millenium, modern day speculative physicists follow patterns of ancient wisdom in trying to unlock the secrets of Time and Space.

Ancient understanding was that the rhythm of existence flowed in the direction of stillness and rest, without even ceasing.

Modern scientists, whose search ranges from quark to quasar and beyond the universe we know, ponder not just on the nature of Time, but whether it exists at all.

There is no more powerful symbol of this on Earth than the giant stone heads of Easter Island.

Look deeply and you will sense an expanding of mind -- a STIRRING behind the enigmatic stone.

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