#4 The Mirrors

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Hundreds of millions of human beings habitually consult the heavens for guidance in their day-to-day living.

The ancient art of Astrology uses the stars to illuminate our inner landscape, and this insight can provide support for the fearful, guidance for the adventurous, and inspiration for those travelling in search of knowledge.

Feeling themselves lost on this journey, people may embody their despair in the anguished cry: "Who am I?"

But the cry itself points to an answer:

That we are not just separate, isolated creatures, but have identity as part of humanity as a whole.

Similarly, Humanity is part of all Creation.

A component of all substance, plants and creatures of the Earth, and the planets, stars and galaxies -- and universes beyond the universe we know.

Hold, as it were, a mirror up to Nature… Images of all on Earth -- and all that is "out there" is reflected within your own being.

Put yourself in context in this way and you will understand Who and Where you are.

You are not lost…

It is necessary to relax into acceptance of your affinity within infinity before you can go beyond such concepts as theories of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Then, the inward MIRROR will reflect a reality that goes beyond the stars.

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