LottoCheck Version 1 (DOS version) is now FREEWARE...

As of the 1st of March 1999, the DOS versions of LOTTOCHECK V1, are Freeware: that is, Solid Software Pty Ltd, retains all copyright in the program artwork and manual, but you are free to use it and distribute it to others at no cost to users, providing you don't remove this message from this file, nor remove this file from the distibution disk.

The manual is included as a text (ASCII) file, named MANUAL.TXT.


There are five dataset versions of the DOS LottoCheck V1 program which are covered by this Freeware Agreement:

These 5 DOS programs are freely available for download from our Web-site at, right here (just click the file name below, to download it)...

Download file names are:

     1. LOTTO45.ZIP  (111 KBytes)
     2. LOTTO44.ZIP  (102 KBytes)
     3. OZLOTTO.ZIP (91 KBytes)
     4. POOLS38.ZIP  (101 KBytes)
     5. FRENCH49.ZIP (92 KBytes)

If you download more than one of them, then you must unzip them into DIFFERENT directories on your local drive, as they share some common filenames (i.e. one with over-write the other!).

Note: We still sell (for $33 plus shipping) a significantly improved Microsoft Windows version called "LottoCheck INFORM V2 for Windows", which runs under MS Windows V3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Win NT, and which is only available directly from:

                          Solid Software Pty Ltd,
                          P.O. Box 218,
                          VIC, Australia, 3160.

Or via our Web-site at:, via order form.

Steve Goschnick,
Program Author,
01 March 1999.

Copyright: Solid Software, Australia, 1997. All rights reserved.
Last revised: June 18, 1999.