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Graphic Gallery, and Curator

Graphic Gallery for your PC improves desktop environment and productivity.



Graphic Gallery for Windows is original wallpaper art for MS Windows with an Australian theme. The images are by computer artist, Kim Lynch. With Curator, you can explore Australia's exotic plants and wildlife, famous artworks, dynamic patterns, starsigns and constellations, sports, cartoons and much much more. Apart from the installation software, it also comes with two full-colour posters for selection.

Background Information

Studies have shown that the quality of computer screen environment can increase productivity and provide relief from work pressure. Image quality can affect your health, well-being and mental stimulation. The 156 full colour screen images provided in Graphic Gallery will enable you to customise your desktop to your personal taste in a way never before possible.

Curator is a library manager for graphics backdrops/wallpapers to MS Windows. This program was released August 1992 within Graphic Gallery for Windows, and is a concept devised by Solid Software. Curator is written in the C language. It consists of 8,000 lines of source code which is adapted from SeeTree, another product of Solid Software.

System Requirements: MS Windows

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Pricing: $33

Solid Software's products, such as Graphic Gallery and Curator, are currently available only from Australia. They are generally distributed by Direct Mail and the Internet.

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