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Here's just a few of our products:


A graphical puzzle-logic game app for the BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones and Android smart phones and tablets.

Fig.1: OctaDial running on a BlackBerry OS 10 Dev Alpha (a device issued by RIM for app prototyping prior to the release of BB10 smartphones to the marketplace).


SeeTree is a File Manager we published and sold for PCs running MS/DOS in the 1988-1992 time period, before MS Window became the dominant OS on the desktop in the latter half of the 1990s. The entry/page linked here, is largely an historical overview of SeeTree.

Thumbnail from SeeTree cover design

Graphic Gallery, and Curator
I Ching Java Applet 

Try our first Java language online Applet (from 1997), a great I Ching program, capable of running in web browsers with a Java plugin enabled,

Note: We also did a version of our I Ching program for the iPAQ PocketPC PDA, circ. 2003.

Thumbnail of I Ching screen (15238 bytes)

LottoCheck Inform V2 
A software program for logging, analysing, exploring and charting lottery results of the type common in many countries. Unique features let you check your numbers against Draw History. It includes the data for both the winning drawn and the prize amounts paid for the lotto games that it covers. LottoCheck has been for sale in various forms since 1986 - Commodore 64 released in 1986, PC DOS verion (now FREE and downloadable) released in 1988, Microsoft Windows version in 1994 - and as such, the current version has benefited from the feedback from thousands of users. [Features , Press Comments, Myths, Strategies ]

Scan of Box (15238 bytes)

A metaphysical multicultural feast for the eyes and the enquiring mind. The words penned by renowned Australian author John Hepworth, images by Kim Lynch, programming by Jean-George Estiot, package design by Margaret Leunig and produced by Stefan Mager. Nine of the 25 levels of Initiation, are represented on the Initiation Home Page. [eg. 1. The Dormant , 2. The Stirring , 3. The Arousal , 4. The Mirrors , 5. The Assurance , 6. The Awakening , 7. The Encircling , 16. Divination , 17. The Numbers]

INITIAT.GIF (9123 bytes)

Australia's first gallery of computer screen art to run at backdrops behind Windows. More than 150 VGA graphics by foremost computer artist Kim Lynch.



Solid Software Pty Ltd

ABN: 60 084 786 498
Postal Address: P.O. Box 218, Belgrave, Victoria 3160, Australia
Phone: +61 040 7544 260

This page last updated: 15th January 2013.

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