#6 The Awakening

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The riddle of Creation, the enigma of how the Earth began and how we came into existence on it, is one that has always obsessed the human mind.

Ever since human beings banded together in tribes and began to communicate through spoken sound and visual images, poets and artists have told stories and made pictures attempting to explain the mystery of Creation.

This ancient seeking is reflected today in the no less passionate and fanciful search of the modern scientists.

For the ancient Maya people of South America, Time was born (and had a name) when the sky did not exist and the Earth was not yet created.

This is a concept that would find recognition and response with any speculative physicist.

The modern wise men could feel affinity with the analogy of dozens of ancient legends in which the world was born out of blackness and chaos.

Ancient seekers might, equally, feel comfortable with the Big Bang theory as an explanation for the beginning of the Universe.

Our digital image is a recreation of a sand and pollen painting from the Rural Navaho people of North America.

It is a part of what is called "the mythology of the Seeded Earth".

The vital key to understanding this picture is that where Earth and Sky should meet in the symbolic East, the frame is left open, to allow the continuing flow of wisdom.

Many theories have been offered to explain Life and Time.

Like ancient sages and modern physicists we must be open to wisdom and consider them all.

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