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INITIATION is a metaphysical multicultural feast for the eyes and the enquiring mind. The words penned by renowned Australian author John Hepworth, images by Kim Lynch, programming by Jean-George Estiot, package design by Margaret Leunig and produced by Stefan Mager. INITIATION takes you on a quick learned tour into the higher lessons life has to offer.

The program has 25 levels. The graphics and the words from the first 9 levels, are statically displayed here on our web-site to give students-of-life a good taste of what the program has to offer. After reading and viewing this first third of the text and images, you'll know whether or not you are ready to move on in your inner life, via INITIATION.

1. The Dormant

2. The Stirring 3. The Arousal
4. The Mirrors 5. The Assurance 6. The Awakening
7. The Encircling 8. Longing 9. Definition
10. The Glimpse 11. The Kindling 12. The Dedication
13. The Heroic 14. Exhilaration 15. The Fires
16. Divination 17. The Numbers 18. Inspiration
19. The Letters 20. The Seers 21. The Powers
22. The Gateway 23. The Ecstatic 24. The Union
25. The Unity

The words and images here, are from the "Mystery INITIATION Puzzle", a classic Australian Software title, produced in the early 1990's by Dynamo House - and still available for purchase here only from Solid Software - the inheritors and custodians of the program. The program is designed to run on IBM/MS DOS compatible PCs, including those that run Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, via the MS/DOS window.

This product, beautifully packaged, is becoming a collectors item. We currently have less than 600 "Mystery INITIATION Puzzle" packages in stock, so hurry an order in to Solid Software now, if you want to own an original of this wonderful and wise piece of work.

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