#1 The Dormant

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The longest journey cannot begin until the first footstep is taken. The high adventure on which we are embarking cannot start until we realize the first enigma: The Mystery of Foundation.

And the key to this is the Dormant Power stored within all substance, plants and creatures of the Earth -- and, above all, within ourselves.

This has been the heart of wisdom in many ancient civilizations: That awareness at least (even without full understanding) of this Secret of Foundation is vital to any enterprise of discovery, learning or creation.

This is manifest in the living Australian aboriginal legend of the Rainbow Serpent, the "Creator of Life": dynamic aspect of the enormous power in the sleeping Black Snake.

For many thousands of years, the Koori people have understood (and understand today) that the dynamic of the mythological Rainbow Serpent is stored also within themselves.

This awareness equips them to begin their journey; as it will equip us for ours.

At the end you will understand that within the coils of the Rainbow Serpent is the key to communion with all Creation.

When you fathom the serpentine spiral you will know that the end of the journey returns to the beginning… though "in time-space", it can never be the same place from where you started.

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