#16 Divination

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The oldest oracle in the world is the I Ching of ancient China.

It is still consulted all over the world by people seeking guidance on their way through life.

There have been many books used at different times in history to tell fortunes, even though not written for that purpose.

Up to the Middle Ages, for instance, Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid, was almost worshipped.

To consult it, one opened the text three times at random, each time letting a finger fall by chance on one line of the poem.

The three lines would be studied intently, and either taken literally or interpreted symbolically to give an answer to whatever question had been asked.

After the Reformation, the Bible came to be regarded in much the same way.

People would open it at random, confident that the text that sprang to the eye would be significant and guide them in their dilemma.

The "answers" received in these fashions were often obscure and, on interpretation, at best could only give a vague interpretation on what was going to happen.

Far from binding you with predestination, I Ching always gives you choice.

It presents a future filled with an infinite number of pathways and you can at any time make a diversion that will take you on a quite different journey.

For those who follow I Ching, the future is always fluid.

You can decide your own destiny.

Perhaps that is why it is still consulted from Singapore to Sydney, from Hong Kong to London and New York.

And is treated with respect by both analytical psychologists and occultists.

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