#17 The Numbers

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Many of the contemporary theories of existence reflect the most ancient principles of geometry -- the art of numbers translated into symbols that are, to intellect, what music is to sound.

The name derives from the Greek word for "Earth Measurement" and the science was developed to meet such practical problems as those found in surveying.

Eventually its practitioners realized that it need not be limited to the study of flat surfaces (plane geometry) or rigid three-dimensional objects (solid geometry).

Even the most abstract thoughts and images could be represented and developed in geometric terms.

In this concept, all forms of Existence, from the apparent world to the sub-atomic, are seen only as containers for geometric patterns, intervals and relationships.

Science today is shifting away from the assumption that the fundamental nature of matter can be considered from the point of substance.

We have already split the proton and electron and got down to the quark, but there is no guarantee that this itself is not further divisible.

It is now suspected that the basic nature of the material world may be knowable only through its underlying patterns of wave form.

In pursuit of this, perhaps our modern physicists, working in four-dimensional geometry, may get to another version of what in Sacred Geometry is known as the "Golden Proportion".

In the perfect harmony of this, may lie scientific and spiritual completeness.

It may allow us to achieve the quality of understanding the Egyptians called "Intelligence of the Heart", and saw as life's ultimate objective.

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